Map and Chart Visualization

GIS: put your data on a digital map for a better decision making process. Maps are one of the most effective techniques for data visualization and analysis. We create interactive maps and appealing visualizations of your data on the web.

Outcome mapping (PDF maps): We create interactive PDF maps that can be placed on a regular PDF document. These maps are capable to open up the databases linked to each feature expressed on the map (i.e., counties, population, land use, roads) therefore you do not need to have a sophisticated and costly GIS software to interact with the data embedded on the map. Click USA Hispanic Change 2000-2010 to open a PDF map.

Online geomapping using Google Earth: we make your map available on the web. Your data can be seen and searched by anyone who has access to Internet. Users can see your outcome results and interact with your data. We create outcome mapping files that are read by Google Earth application. This is a very effective way to disseminate your data and make your target population aware of the outcome results. Click here to start your mapping experience with Google Earth.

Maps on the cloud: we create web links for your maps making them available on the Internet. You can do queries and do specific searches. You can also post them in your own website. Click here to open an online GIS map.

GIS Resources: click here to find FREE GIS data and tools.

Your data in motion. We create dynamic charts and maps that show changes over time. Click here to see an example of a dynamic chart.

GIS Publications: The founder of GIS and Human Dimensions, L.L.C. published an eBook titled “Geography of Latin America: A Geographic Information System Approach”, which is available online at